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President Bush, Leading Thousands in Memorial to Shuttle Crew, Says 'Mankind Is in Their Debt'
Led by President Bush, thousands of grieving space workers and their families, friends, neighbors and political leaders paid a solemn farewell Tuesday to the seven Columbia astronauts. "Their mission was almost complete and we lost them so close to home," Bush said.  Full Story
Independent Panel Probing Shuttle Disaster Surveys Debris in Texas; More Human Remains Found
Members of the independent board investigating the Columbia disaster arrived Tuesday morning to get a firsthand look at the debris being collected from across a vast stretch of countryside.  Full Story
U.N. Weapons Inspectors in Iraq Say They Have Found Another Empty Chemical Warhead
U.N. arms investigators found another empty chemical warhead on Tuesday as they pressed ahead with a dozen surprise inspections, on a mission in which President Saddam Hussein, in a rare interview, said he hopes they "reach the truth."  Full Story
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Powell Prepares Evidence on Iraq for U.N. Presentation; France Wants More Time for Inspectors
Secretary of State Colin Powell, bidding for U.N. support, is set to present evidence that Iraq has hidden large caches of weapons of mass destruction from international inspectors and defied calls on it to disarm.  Full Story
Both Finalists for World Trade Center Design Include Tallest Structures in World, Officials Say
Two plans featuring structures that would rise taller than any other in the world have been picked as finalists in the selection of a design to rebuild the World Trade Center, officials said Tuesday.  Full Story
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Lawmakers Formally Abolish Yugoslavia, Replacing it With a Loose Union of Serbia and Montenegro
Lawmakers formally abolished Yugoslavia on Tuesday and replaced it with a loose union of its remaining two republics, Serbia and Montenegro, marking the final demise of the troubled Balkan federation.  Full Story
Wall Street Stocks Fall on Anxiety Over Possible Iraq War; Dow Slips 108, Nasdaq Drops 20
Increasingly anxious about a possible war with Iraq, investors unloaded stocks Tuesday, collecting profits from Wall Street's two-day rally.  Full Story
Struggling Detroit Lions Hire Steve Mariucci, Their Fourth Head Coach in Four Seasons
The Detroit Lions hired Michigan native Steve Mariucci on Tuesday as their fourth head coach in four seasons.  Full Story